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 Akumu_Vampire's characters re-done

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PostSubject: Akumu_Vampire's characters re-done   8/12/2010, 2:14 pm

Name: Turwaithiel (Toor-wye-thee-ell)

Age: 19 (Elven years)

Gender: Female

Hair: long, platinum blond, side swept bangs

Eyes: deep chocolate brown

Height: 5'7"

Personality: random, her mood changes a lot, can be rude, can be nice, always in her own world, and she is loyal to her friends.

Species: Dark Elf

Powers: none really, just enhanced senses and speed

Background information (DETAILED): she grew up in a small community near the Amazon rain forest, but close to a well sized town with both parents, though that didn’t last long before her father died of natural causes when Turwaithiel was only 10 years old. From then on her mother raised her on her own as a single mother who never got remarried she died when Turwaithiel was 18. Since then she has been living on her own.

Any Other information about your character: she tends to be aloof at times but knows when to be serious. However Turwaithiel does lack certain emotions that are important for anyone to have.




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Akumu_Vampire's characters re-done
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