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 -=FinalSky's Characters=-

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PostSubject: -=FinalSky's Characters=-   9/4/2010, 5:27 am

Name: Ashiri (No current last name)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Distant, irritable, self conscious, but can be friendly and softer once the outer shell is broken. Has trust issues, and is deep down fearful of men in general.
Species: Human
Powers: Energy attacks, levitation, basic mind reading, teleportation

Background information: Living in the dark, crime-riddled streets of Guerro City, Ashiri has grown to be a cold, mistrusting individual. Prone to easy irritation and anger, she is not the most pleasant person to be around. One look at her scowling expression would drive many away that very moment....However, looking past the angry, bitter shell you'd see a lonely, kinder girl, just wanting to be loved. She doesn't mean to be the way she is, and desperately wants to change herself, but it's a long, grueling road to recovery....

Ashiri is the single child of Treten and Velocity. Only her father is alive, as her mother passed away from illness just a year ago. The scars from this death are likely to be the cause of Ashiri's personality, though she's always had a minor temper problem.

She is a Psychic Elementalist with unfortunately low experience. Ashiri prefers physical fighting over her powers, but still works to improve in them. Her body is built for exceptional flexibility and fast movement, but is weak defensively and her strength is equal to an average man's. Her style of fighting is similar to breakdancing, which is one of her favorite hobbies. She's a part of a dancing group at a local club in her city, and is well known in the area for her performances.

This red-headed firebrand will only open up to those willing to put up with her to learn who she really is. Everyone else can just pack up and go home now.

Any Other information about your character:

-As listed above, she's biased and fearful of men. If your character is a male and approaches her, she will not respond to him positively, unless he is elderly or with a significant other. Experiences in the city have caused this.
-She does NOT like her hair touched unless she knows you.
-When you play fast paced, techno/trance/hip-hop type music, she will surrender to it and dance, given the previous situation isn't tense. She jokes about being a slave to music.
-She is underweight. This is because due to her rent and constant job switching, she has learned to live on one meal a day.
-She does not like talking about her mother, because the memories of her can make her break down and cry. She will tell you once that she's deceased, and will say no more.
-Continuing from the previous, Ashiri does not like showing her depression, so she will often go to a bar and drink her troubles away. She gets drunk and that's when she'll unleash her emotions. She does this so she doesn't have to remember doing it.
-In actuality Ashiri is NOT some cruel, hateful person. Remember that under her angry mask lies a person with real feelings and real emotions. She doesn't wish true harm on anyone unless they deserve it, and feels pity for those who earn it.


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PostSubject: Re: -=FinalSky's Characters=-   9/4/2010, 6:42 am

Name: Diablo Caliente
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Personality: Charming, Gentle, Proud, and somewhat of a flirt, but never would intend to harm or betray a woman.
Species: Human...?
Powers: Manipulates Fire exceptionally well...Some shadow control, but prefers his fire over it. Also possesses wings for flight.

Background information: Diablo Caliente is a proud Spaniard, originally from Spain. (Not Mexico, he will be very quick to correct you if you claim this.) He's studied English for many years and has it down pat, at least to a proper level. Some terms and slang will highly confuse him, so be careful when you talk to him. He's trying to learn still.

He also lives in Guerro City, having moved just recently with his mother, Anita Caliente, and younger brother, Antonio Caliente. His father betrayed the family and stayed in Spain. Diablo highly resents his father, and will show an unusual seething at the mere mention of him. He has a half-sister named Rosa, born under another mother, but she's with her father. The rest of his family in Spain happen to be incredibly wealthy, so the house they live in has been paid in full, and the only thing they need to worry about is food and clothes.

Diablo has a weakness to women, pretty and ugly alike. He absolutely adores them, and feels as though they deserve much more respect than they get. If he sees one hurt, he will either become upset or extremely angry, which is rare for the calm, collected warrior. He is currently single, but is not looking for a significant other. He believes that when she comes to him, he'll know exactly who she is, and that they were destined to be. His attractive appearance causes most women to flock to him, which can be bothersome but he doesn't seem to mind.

Diablo can manipulate fire, but this fire is a little different than normal. It burns hotter, as if empowered by something more. You could say he's mastered his ability, and teaches that in order to control such a wild element, you must have a cool head and strong confidence. He has minor shadow abilities, but is not interested in furthering them. He knows what he needs to know.

Fighting wise, Diablo is a physical powerhouse. His strength and endurance are incredibly high, but with such a bulky body his physical speed and flexibility are average. He relies mostly on his fire to fight, but can do hand to hand. He prefers punching over kicks.

Man or woman, Diablo will always speak with the utmost friendliness and respect. ...That is, until you lose his respect. Don't be fooled by his gentle heart; he can and WILL fight you if he must, and his attacks pack a punch!

Any Other information about your character:
-Diablo has a blend of reds, oranges, and yellows in his eyes. It's rumored that he was born a servant of Hell. Ironically, he's devoted to God and God's will. Another rumor is that his fire is actually empowered by Hell's flames. Is this all true? You be the judge.
-Diablo is VERY proud of his country, and will take an automatic disliking to you if you insult his race or the country.
-Yes, his name is supposed to mean "Hot Devil". This is a reference to his apparent association with Hell, as well as his physical attractiveness.
-While he loves most women, he wishes more would have more self confidence in themselves, and realize they are all beautiful in different ways. He himself has amazing self confidence, but oddly will bash himself for mistakes he makes.
-He is friends with Ashiri. He spent months talking to her and getting through to her before she finally opened up to trust him. He once thought she would be the one for him, but realized he felt more of a brotherly protection over her. The two are close.
-He is fine with going on dates with women, but will only kiss hands until he finds the one he feels is his true love. Sorry ladies.


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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(LOL this was a crack thread pic haha~)
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PostSubject: Re: -=FinalSky's Characters=-   9/5/2010, 4:51 pm

Name: DMK (Dark Meta Knight)
Age: In his 5000s
Gender: Male
Personality: Power hungry, vain, perverted, a little slow about...well, everything, prankster
Species: Demon Beast/puffball?
Powers: Sword skills, mirror-travel, energy attacks (only through Nebula, his sword), flight when wings unfold from cape, acting skills

Background information: Dark Meta Knight, or DMK for short, appears to be a dark, villainous creature when he ominously approaches you....Eyes glinting red, a deep scar on his right eye, and a sharp-toothed grin with dark intentions....

..Really, though, he's more of an annoyance half the time!

DMK is a high-ranking Demon Beast under Lord Nightmare. He's the twin brother of Sir Meta Knight, and created to work and fight just like he does. He's very skilled with his sword and feasts on the flesh of lesser Demon Beasts, as Nightmare does not allow much else. He's previously traveled down to Popstar, and has found himself lost at the customs of the residents there. He doesn't understand their ideals, and often never knows when he's doing wrong or WHY he's doing wrong. He's just following orders and acting how he was taught to act!

Don't be fooled by his silly demeanor, however. If pushed, he will use his skills to their fullest extent, and is a force to be reckoned with! He will respect most anyone he sees that possesses much power, as his main goal is to keep growing stronger and stronger...

Any Other information about your character:
-DMK is a pervert, and will likely flirt with most females. He does not know the concept of love, as Nightmare forbids it. So no, he's not in love with your character if he flirts, LOL.
-He has yet to try 'human' foods, such as sugar. Give him some and find out what happens....
-He named his sword because it is a sentient being, just like Meta Knight's "Galaxia". She (yes, it's a she) only speaks into his mind, however.
-Again, DMK is not really evil, so much is he a nuisance who hasn't had a chance to live a free life...
-If he sees or smells blood, he will start to lose control. No, he is not a vampire, but his upbringing has gotten him addicted to blood, as he again feasts on other Demon Beasts to sustain him. Demon blood will make him snap the fastest.
-Compared to his brother, he is the more physically powerful of the two, but Meta Knight beats him in speed.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[This is his Gijinka form. If allowed, I will specify which form he's in. Info all stays the same aside from 'puff' XD]

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PostSubject: Re: -=FinalSky's Characters=-   9/7/2010, 10:19 pm

Name: Raye
Age: 18
Gender: Feminine Male
Personality: Stereotypical gay guy; Extremely girly, loves fashion and bright colors, has the tone, but not so much the lisp. Outspoken, proud, loving of most everyone as long as they accept him.
Species: Human
Powers: No real powers, but has a scream that can shatter glass and tends to break hearts when he cries.

Background information: Shining with health and a cheery, upbeat attitude, at first glance you might mistake Raye as a teenage GIRL. His high pitched voice and giggly ways tend to lead people to that impression. Be assured, though, he is very much male, and very much accepts it. Yes, he is 100% homosexual, and is damn proud of it.

Raye comes from a religious family who are against Gay Rights. While he is not abused in any way, he still gets a lot of drama at home for how he is. His parents often try to 'fix' him, but there's simply no fixing something that isn't broken. Aside from family issues, Raye is a sweetheart.

He has a fiesty side too. If something irritates him he will NOT be quiet about it. He's not really a fighter but is more than willing to run his mouth if needed. This is fairly rare though, as he is accepting of most everyone as long as they don't hate his group, or another group typically attacked for what they do.

If you are a male, he WILL come onto you at least once. Just tell him you're straight, or that you dont like that kind of attention and he will very willingly back off.

Any Other information about your character:
-Raye has been searching ages for a boyfriend who loves him for him. He hopes to find one soon.
-Raye can't stand dark, pale colors. He sees the world as bright and colorful, so he demands it stays that way. He finds nighttime romantic though, oddly.
-Raye WILL get you to wear pink at least once, if you are friends. It's his favorite color.
-Raye is also friends with Ashiri (The three OCs of mine have been connected before introduced to Rakuen or here, sorry! XD; )
-Raye was not made to be stereotypical as an attack or insult on gays. Both he and I know not every gay guy is like this. When I made him however, his personality just molded into nearly every stereotype there is. Please bear this in mind.


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PostSubject: Re: -=FinalSky's Characters=-   9/11/2010, 5:00 pm

Name: Shiriki
Age: ???
Gender: Male (can transform into female, but originally male)
Personality: Laid-back, Joker, Humorous, Good-Natured, a bit lazy at times
Species: Coyote Trickster Spirit
Powers: Shape-shifting into whatever he desires (more complex forms take more effort, such as mythological creatures or other people), invisibility, teleport, illusions, can make self intangible

Background information: Shiriki is the Native American Coyote Trickster Spirit. As his title implies, he is in fact a trickster, and will play pranks and illusions on unsuspecting victims for fun. Try not to take his jokes too hard, as he is not a cruel intentioned spirit. He would never seriously harm another person unless he had to, either in self defense of himself, or others. (He might bonk or thwap ya though, as that does no real damage.)

His age is unknown, as he is a spirit. His shape-shifting abilities are quite remarkable, able to take form of any animal he chooses within mere seconds. His usual preferred form is of course, the Coyote, but he has periods in which he will shift often, just because he wants to. It's usually when he's speaking with someone. He also possesses a human form, which is a well built Native American man with longish black hair tied in a low ponytail.

With a little practice and effort, he can also mimic things and people he sees. He may not get them right the first time, but once he does, he has them down pat.

Along with shifting, he can cause illusions to trick his opponents. He could take the moon out of the sky and hold it in his hands. He can pluck the stars and sprinkle them all over you. He can shift the surrounding area from a tranquil forest to a burning volcano. Is it reality? Is it illusion? You be the judge. He can make himself invisible and intangible, unable to be touched by his enemies. This is only used for escape, as he is not much of a fighter. His nature leans on non-violent.

Shiriki may be a nuisance, but his heart is good. He does not support evil, violence, anguish, or any other negative emotion, and when the situation calls for it will become serious instead of jokey pranky.

Any Other information about your character:
-Shiriki loves a good joke or prank. IF you manage to get him with one (with no intention of actually harming him), he will likely laugh it off with you.
-Shiriki is not fond of stuck up, stiff, and unlaughing people. He will either mock them or avoid them at all costs.
-Shiriki believes in honoring animals by using every bit of their carcass when hunted and killed. He is not against hunting as he understands it is sometimes necessary to live. Just as long as the animal gets the least amount of suffering.
-Shiriki tends to take it a LITTLE easier on girls....but don't get too comfortable; he will still toy with you as he pleases.
-Shiriki is rather wise, and will often give life advice to those who seek it, or who are lost.


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

His bear form. Many of his forms share the same color scheme.

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PostSubject: Re: -=FinalSky's Characters=-   9/13/2010, 9:24 pm

Name: Goombella!
Age: 22 (With how she acts, can appear to be as young as 10)
Gender: Female
Personality: Spunky, Optimistic, Adventurous, Booksmart, a bit reckless, a little slow, and VERY CUTESY.
Species: Goomba!
Powers/Abilities: Headbonk, Tattle (can look up information about anyone and anything), Cuteness?

Background information: Goombella has to be the cutest thing you will ever see! Don't be fooled though, she is actually a 22-year old College Student, attending U-Goom University for a Major in Archaeology. She LOVES history, exploring, and treasure hunting. Despite her small, weak form, she is actually quite courageous, willing to jump into dangerous situations. At the same time, she is extremely jumpy too, and is startled easily by things bigger and scarier than her. Still, she continues to do what she loves, even if it scares the daylights out of her.

She is extremely book smart, and is full of random facts about the things around her. If she doesn't know it yet, she will soon. Her trusty Tattle Log holds much of her information, since she doesn't quite have a photographic memory on every little thing. Goombella is EXTREMELY protective of it, and if it is lost or damaged, she will be very, very upset.

This little Goomba is also extremely social, and very easy to get along with. She's gotten along with heroes and villains alike. As long as you don't try to hurt her or her friends, she will pretty much like anyone. On the downsides, she holds her 'natural-blonde' title quite proudly, being a little slow with some things. It wouldn't so much make her STUPID, just...she does some pretty ridiculous things. (She once forgot the number to 911.)

Her skull and lighty hat are rock hard! Being small doesn't mean her headbonks don't hurt somethin' fierce! She also is capable of encouraging any allies and giving them more speed and determination (based off of TTYD's Rally Wink, which gives Mario another turn to attack). Don't be afraid to talk to her, as there's very few people she can say she doesn't like!

Any other information about your character:
-Goombella is the master of the Puppy Face/Bambi Eyes/You name it. Almost no one can resist it fully. She's just THAT cute.
-Goombella can cry on command quite easily, with real tears down her face....and can go back to giggly normal within a minute or so.
-Goombella has a bit of an inferiority complex...She feels people look down at her just because she is a Goomba, and doesn't realize she is probably one of the most notable Goombas out there. She strives to prove herself, which often gets her in trouble.
-Goombella knows SD, and has a sort of Love-Hate relationship with him. She does love him as a friend, but BOY does he get on her nerves!
-Goombella can be a bit of a flirt herself, but doesn't go too far with it. If you're cute/handsome, she will let you know.
-Goombella's got a weakness to sweets, and one of her hobbies is cave exploring.
-It is said that when she has an idea, her lighty hat lights up on it's own!


Goomba form:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Human/Gijinka Form:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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-=FinalSky's Characters=-
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