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 Under the park?

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PostSubject: Under the park?   9/8/2010, 5:51 pm

Under the park, deep enough to prevent any noises from escaping to the surface, there was the lait of an evil geniuos set on taking over the world. the lights where dark, the only source of light came from the machines that beeped and booped as they worked there thing, "Foolish humans" a figure said to itself as it shook its hands daringly upwards as if to shake it at humanity "those fools will see how it is once i take over and ENSLAVE HUMANITY HAHAHAHAH" he laughed to himself in a deep voice.

the lights went on revealing the villain to be none other than:....a purple tentacle with arms. Purple tentacle hopped to his instruments leaving marks in the floor "Soon all of humanity will praise the tentacles and glory will be mine eyahahaha"
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PostSubject: Re: Under the park?   9/11/2010, 8:42 pm

"You know, all this 'taking over the world' junk I've been hearing lately is really getting old." A high, feminine voice can be heard behind him.
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Under the park?
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