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 New kid on the block

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PostSubject: New kid on the block   9/12/2010, 10:37 pm

Thorton practically fell to the ground, taking in deep breaths as he finally set down the last of his boxed belongings outside the new apartment he rented. He wasn't particularily used to hard labor such as this and couldn't wait to unpack and settle down. The faster he could get his nerd lair up and running, the faster he could get out to do much needed research on the city he's arrived in.

A few beeps sounded from his back pocket from a device he's stored there. "It's only been an hour since I've arrived and Palmer is already up and about in my business," he groaned. "My percents were correct about that then..."

The boy sighed and unlocked the door to his temporary home and took a look inside. One by one, the boxes were hauled and pulled into the room. He pushed open the window and took a breath of the city air, only to cough and hack a moment later. He was definately not used to such a dirty atmosphere, after since practically living in the forest of Sinnoh for so long. This was obviously going to have some getting used to...

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PostSubject: Re: New kid on the block   9/13/2010, 5:32 pm

A girl with tangled brown hair, greasy skin, and plain blue eyes walks by, catching sight of him. "Hey!" she waves. "Are you new here, too?"
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New kid on the block
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